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How much woman cares if a man is 5’9 or 6’0 or more? How much does the look matter to them? And when they talk about personality are they talking about how we look or our mentality? The reason I am asking these questions is because sometimes it confuses me. Feel free to give your opinion.

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Mentality, as reported by a girl
Looks ka aachaar thodi dalunga

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🌺✨️ @optimistic_hug

No, if i tell you my opinion so for me looks doesn’t matter
I really crave for time, love, attention and most imp loyalty thats it

. @danny_bhai

Well I think it’s more about respect appreciation care emotional safety being able to be vulnerable and stuff
Coz looks will fade away at the end what truly will matter is what’s inside of us
So I would suggest when yo looking for love or relationships be the real you coz the right person will like you for exactly what you are and that’s beautiful and thatv is what truly truly matters
Trust me you don’t wanna put up your best self but genuine self out there in the long run


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