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how much time it takes to recover from porn addiction?

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Just stop thinking about it and keep your self engaged in some other work…

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Simran @st1199


Addiction is something which makes it hard for the person to overcome but it totally depends on the individual as to how determined he is to overcome that. Also, sometimes it’s not the actual addiction but we tend to call that because we have the habit of opening it again and again when we get time. Similar to what happens with Instagram for some people.

Whenever you think you want to watch Porn, say to yourself- No, I’ll not. I can do this and I’ll atleast try not to. Say this every time you feel like watching. Once you do this religiously, with time you automatically will lower the limit of watching it.

Do things which makes you happy, work on your hobbies. Do something productive instead which will lower the free time for your porn. If you want to see something still, its better to head over to some series/movies than Porn.


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