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How many of you have ocd here?
How do you deal with it!!?
How are trying to recover from it and become like a normal person ?!!
What helps you please ease please share!!

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Yes I have OCD
It is like i keep checking things over n over again
For example-If i will fill a form i keep revisting n checking the details again n again
This really makes my work very slow
N causes hinderance…
nervousness causes OCD…
So the way i try to manage is by thinking that nothing is that imp
Suppose some detail in form is wrong also
So heavens willnot collapse…


So basically we need to stop giving too much imp to anything…

Stop chasing perfection

We should accept that we can make mistakes n it is ok to make mistakes…

Suppose ur anxious before any interview
U must take it like this that interviewer is also human…
You are facing another human…

Other way is to remind myself
I maynot be that good at anything
But i am neither bad

Having faith in urself helps…

Also one must remember
No matter what
Whatever is destined to happen will happen

You can only put ur best efforts
Outcome isnot entirely in ur hand so no point in being stressed about outcome

Good luck.
God bless.
More power to you


Thank you very much I will try to use your suggestions…🧡
But I get stuck over silly thing like setting the bedsheet over and over again and all that but thanks your word will help🧡


So while setting the bedsheet just know that sometimes unset or lil weirdly set bedsheet also looks ok…

Just start timing urself
As in to set bedsheet not more than 1 min
Etc etc…

I know sounds silly
But just trying to help…

Good luck
Take care…


Thank you @kusum your words will really really help me 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡


Me. I cant deal with it at all. It gets worse everyday. I just try not to think about it, which is lame.

These thoughts just keep popping in my head as long as I am awake.


I really relate to you. It’s kind of difficult for me to sit alone with my mind😞.
I am trying to seek help maybe you should too approach a therapist if you already are wishing you lots of power and strength to gradually go from avoidance to facing and resolving these thoughts. 👍🏻✨
Seems like we are on the same journey…🙂✨


Thanks. It’s hard for me to seek help because I tried it once and I was insulted. No one cared. But I’ll see what I can do.
Good to see I aint alone In this. I feel bad for all of us. Good luck to you too.


It’s hard but sure we have to ,we can, we will get over this one day! One day very soon!
It’s really strong of you to look forward and see if you can seek help,once again.
Thank you hope we get through this,all of us and make the lives we want.


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