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How long can one hold all the hurt feelings inside themselves? I never had any luck with friends or relatives and it never bothered me. I never thought that I will have to feel so terrible that I will have to open up to complete strangers. Look, I am not saying that I am perfect, I know I am not. But I always tried to stay honest, clean up my own mess, try to fix my mistakes and always stayed loyal. I understand bad things happen and there is nothing we can do about it. Still It hurts to wake up in the morning after arguing with myself through the whole night, only to feel so down in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. Each day comes and I feel that love is a lie, trust & honesty are overrated and I keep arguing with myself. I literally invested so much in this relationship and now she is making it so difficult to even stay close to her. I told myself let her do what she wants, because I can’t stop her or make her realize how much I still love and care for her. Yet I keep battling within myself. I can’t end it because she is looking for a chance to put the whole blame on me. Like I never tried, but she is the one who is drifting away.
I don’t know if there is an end to it. I am just tired of my own feelings for her.

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Bro you can’t force someone to be with you. Don’t let anyone test your patience how far you can take it. You are important and don’t let this cruel world let you believe that trust and honesty are overrated. Ask yourself, how long will you keep fighting to keep her with you. What’s the point of pushing so hard when you’re not even happy being with her. Retrospect because if she is making you miserable I don’t think it’s love. It’s probably your comfort and attachment and the fact that you’ve invested so much in this relationship. Love isn’t a lie… You’re just not with the right person for you.


You must have some expectations from your life partner. Just list down what personality your soulmate might have and compare that with her qualities. Do you see spending your entire life with her? Your old age? You see raising your kids with her? Would she be loving and kind to your family like you would expect your partner to? When you fall for someone it’s usually when they make your life awesome to live with. You’re supposed to feel good and special in a relationship not the other way around.


Respect yourself enough to walk away. You can talk to her calmly about what you think are the issues and see if she is willing to change. If not, then it would be the best for you to move on.


Life is short and time is really important. Why waste it stressing over with someone who doesn’t care, when you can actually be with the right person and be happy? Right. Don’t be scared that you’ll be lonely. Use that time to work on yourself, your behavior, your beliefs about relationships, your goals and by the time you heal you’ll probably be having a better perspective of life, relationships. Good luck. Stay strong for yourself. 😊


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