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How lonely nights are for those people who don’t have anyone for chat or calls. They listen songs, watch videos. There is no one with them to discuss about life,career etc.

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Hey, I can feel you. Here for you

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Siddharth @sidd25

Thik hai… jee lenge


Yahi jindagi hai… Specially with kind hearted people…jo kisika bura na chahe wahi akhir me akele reh jate hai…aur is akele pan se man itna chanchal ban jata hai…jisse na kisipe focus krne hota hai…na kisi cheez pe dhyan dena…aur yahi akela pan akhir me ghut ghutkar jeher ki tarah andr hi andr us insaan ko khata rehta hai…aur saanp ki tarah dasta rehta hai…har pal yaad dilata rehta hai…
Kya kre…
Yahi jindagi ka dastoor hai…yahi jindagi ki reet hai…

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I can say that they know how to vibe on their own


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