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How I’m feeling today?
Well… I feel “ok” I guess. Just a bit tired of school, friends, my family and People in general .
I just need somewhere to be alone and don’t have to deal with the people around me and their problems. Also, find away to stop feeling too much emotions at once… sounds weird, doesn’t it?
Well, listening to music doesn’t help anymore. It just brings back memories and right now I can’t deal with em I feel toooo tired to understand myself. But I’m better today, today was not that bad. :) so yh…
Whatever today it will be
#BodyPositivity -_-

Post anonymously?

Yeah same, even music and art doesn’t help me anymore. I’ve been listening to some throwback songs and I just really miss “the old days.” I want to be alone and loosen up but It’s not like I can since I live with 4 other people. Glad to hear you’re doing better today. 🙂


“Old days” those awesome days when you had nothing to worry about… it sucks wanting to go back to them right? Because being in the present just feels tooo much to handle.
But I hope you are doing ok today and that you feel better. 🙂