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how i am feeling now good question ? i dont kniw who i am feeling u tell me why im
see i am not good in english at all so dont judge me i sometimes cant spell judge…tell me thiss first what is english ? what is communication ? agr bande ki english achi nhi tum logo usse repect nhi de do haa nhi doge it’s the reality english in india is status guys please take this as an communications plz humble request. idk what do to but without good english you wont get the job plus cuz im not good in anything at all so it become complusory for me to speak ENGLISH. uk, when i came to know my english, is not good in 11th class i failed in only english exam again i failed in exam and again so i have to take tutions from schools teacher said then i will pass and it was arround 20 km away from home and one more thing one not rich who have a car. so i have to drive scooty to there and after that each day at school and even in tutions jokes were pasted which is off course on me and i know i felt that time still even still erase that memory in my hand it haunts me without english nothing because im not an birght student who score A im B or C student. a medicore student who is bad english. now i wishes muhje pass hi kyu liye in begaining in english they should failed me in 1st class. atleast then mei basic of english learn kr leta ab tum logo ne muhje kha nhi choda. most of would u still can start from start again buddy uk muhje roj college sirf up and down krne mei 7 hrs lgte h and then add 4 hr in college woh b sirf attendence im not learning anything there neither im in society cuz ur college dont compensate attendence in society work or agr attendence km hui toh backlog or college last to saturday bs ek din milta bc us din toh krne do. SO IT LATE I CANT LEARN ENGLISH because i need a job to support my family.so whoever reads plz CORRET IT I LIKE that


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Hey, I am not judging you at all. Please don’t worry about that. I can understand what you are feeling. Some people can be rude and not respect others. But that doesn’t reflect who YOU are. It shows that they are not a good human being. Please don’t blame yourself…


Thanks for not judging me.