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How God has blessed me in and in every moment. I cant take how fast reina(my 4year old) is growing, itz like all my failures and success manafest in her eyes. Its to fast zhes 4 all ready… shes going to be five… noooohh.

Cant a day last half day, and perspective slow down to lenghen my days. So 1 years passes , yet felling like 2 and only growing 1 years…

Dammit, im learning to be a father by being a father, yet i want to be a father that is learnt.
What a predicament.

So fast… even spending my days with her is not enough . How i wish… my selfish desires.

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igottabekidding... @heartonthesleeve


So glad to know your daughter is growing up beautifully! I am sure being a parent must be a real challenge but I am sure you are also growing with her. She must have made you more understanding, sensitive, and kind! Take a day at a time, relive your childhood with her and go with the flow! We can’t stop time but we can enjoy it fully!
Happy parenthood to you! @gustavo00 and happy life to your child!πŸ˜ƒ


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