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How does self-care look like to me
slelf-care can be any practice or activity that we do to reduce our stress levels and contribute to our overall health, happiness and well-being.

With being said, self-care is something we need to make time for, otherwise, it may get put off or pushed aside for other priorities.
But self-care is a priority!
It has been shown to improve our mood, reduce anxiety, strengthen our immune system, and enhance self-esteem and productivity.

What type of self care is

Getting enough sleep.


Eating nutritious, nourishing food.

Drinking plenty of water.

Do at least one thing a day for yourself – your health and well-being matter!

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Awesome absolutely …self love is the key to everything …it’s like universe rewards you for doing best for you in numerous ways which we can’t even explain … thank you for posting it …lots of blessings on your way in every way forever