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Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

How does making public transport free for women mean equality? What do you think…are we not capable of paying for us or is it only men who are working?

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Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

There’s a lot of sides to that argument. But from an economic point of view, it should be avoided.

Khushboo @khushboo

Absolutely right. Free transportation doesn’t show that women are equal. We all are capable of paying for what we are availing. We all can work ourselves and earn for survival.


I think the problem in our society is that equality for boys and girls is something like two sides of a scale, there is a different, complimentary and equal measure in every single little feature and we are truly made for each other, there is a reality of being the same soul and the boy and girl parts of that one soul. I don’t know who ever created the boy above girl ideas but they are certainly, guaranteeably no real. There isn’t equality anywhere in our society and the nicer you are, the more you are open to facing non-equality, regardless of gender. We need to conform society to ourselves, it is designed currently by single people that have done alternative things for fulfillment and they are rooted off of rejection themselves and that is where all the technologies and civil service instead of family life came from, so it is a bit hostile when males form society exclusively and apart from their female parts…very depressing too because there is nothing more fulfilling than that perfect relationship in cooperative modes of operation for every little bit of it. I think we should have boy and girl professions and I think we should conform society to our own hearts, the family life has been divided, probably intentionally to some degree because we work for people, doing chores instead of say maintaining paradise communities of heavenly and loving splendor.


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