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Akash Dalal @skybroker

How does it feel when you are trap in your own fear. Fear that breaks your expectations, fear that makes you a person you don’t want to be and yet we be the person to tell others, motivate them to come out while we are still struggling with are own FEAR.!!! 💔💔

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Sneha Anand @sneha08


These words are true

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Akash Dalal @skybroker


The sad part is thi is my reality. 💔


We often motivate others to come out of their fears
Because we who are caught in fears know how suffocating it is…
It feels miserable
That is why we out of our experiences help others
At same time keep hoping or expecting someone to help or motivate us
But that will generally not happen
N big fact is that maybe even if someone motivates u
They will only motivate
But ultimately it is ur battle
With ur fears
N u will have to fight it…
N u are a fighter
If u can help others
You can definitely help urself
Have full faith in self
Stay as strong as you are…
Be kind to yourself.
Stay patient
Slowly one by one try to overcome ur fears
Take baby steps…
Overcoming fears will take time…

Ofcourse u know it that fear will do no good to you
It will only cause stress n tension.
So try to stay away from it…

Focus on the present…

If there are problems
There are solutions too
N you are capable enough to find the solutions…



If you arenot satisfied with ur job
Try to find a new one
I know it is very easy for me to write
I know u might be having ur own issues
But whatever it is
Maybe it will take time
But if you listen to your heart
N put ur best efforts
You will get the job u deserve n desire

Just donot let your hope fade …
Good luck to you…

More strength,power n light to you.


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