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How do you manage your thoughts when you are feeling lonely? When you are feeling so vulnerable? I am trying to watch TV series and movies, but the thought of my gf keeps coming back in my mind. We are still together, but I can sense that with each passing day maybe we both are drifting apart from each other. I madly love her, I love her a lot. But the hunch that she is hiding a lot from me, is haunting me. I do not want to sound so needy and desperate but I do not know how else to control my emotions.

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Hi, this used to happen with me when I was in a relationship with my ex. 2 years ago. I used to be so involved and focused on him that I forgot who I was outside the relationship. I used to constantly keep checking on him and used to doubt him when he used to go out which wasn’t right. All I did was put myself out of peace. Then, I slowly tried to find myself out of the relationship and started doing things for ME. I’d suggest you to do the same. Don’t make your relationship your whole life, keep it as a part of your life.


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