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How do you know when you should cut someone off from your life? There’s this girl and she and I have been friends for a year now, and I just find myself to be doing more of the giving than receiving. I’m always there for her, whether it be to offer her a ride home or listen to her vent or just cheer her up. However, during my times of need, it just seems like she’s never there for me. To begin with, she’s an awful listener and it’s something that I’ve confronted her on and she’s slowly trying to get better at it, among other things I’ve also confronted her on. At the same time, also don’t want to be her friendship coach bc it’s exhausting. I’m so conflicted whether I want her in my life especially after what she did. My dog passed away recently and she wasn’t there. My birthday was 2 days ago and she didn’t even greet me. I really do hate cutting people off from my life. Any advice?

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My advice would be don’t cutt of her from your life if you don’t want and explain her the things which hurt you if she understand you then it’s great. If she doesn’t listen or understand then treat her the same way she treated you because no one has the right to make us feel bad no one even intentionally or unintentionally.


See it’s not wrong for wanting people to reciprocate. It’s not wrong for wanting a friendship to be two sided. But also remember that expectations kill your happiness more than circumstances.
So don’t expect much from her. Also try distancing yourself. If she notices and comes to you, then fine. But if she doesn’t notice, you’ll feel sad but have your answer.


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