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heqi @heqi5

How do you know that you’re depressed? Is it the lack of motivation to do anything, no matter how much you want to? Is it the wanting to stay asleep just so you don’t have to wake up and face another day? Is it the need to question any slight bit of happiness so much that it no longer becomes a happy moment? Is it the constant lack of energy so much so that you can even find it in yourself to brush your hair? Is it the in unbearable feeling of being alone no matter how many people are around you? Is it the sudden feeling of numbness after a breakdown? Is it the inability to feel pleasure from the things that once used to made you so happy? Is that depression or am I just ‘overthinking’?

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aprajita @aprajita09

Unfortunately yes

m @nothingisreal

That was described beautifully, every word u said was right and I think it’s a feeling that still words can’t describe …


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