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How do you guys go and workout everyday?

Like how do you get the motivation?

I have gained a lot of weight recently and I couldn’t get into any routines and be consistent… 😔

I barely couldn’t wakeup

I work in IT. Doing Work from home rn.

Somedays I find it difficult to even get up from bed.

Please, I need to start working out, eat healthy… but due to tiredness and laziness I’m unable to!


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AK @aloksingh23

Hey dude,
just 1 week of consistency and push. it will be in your routine. I was in the same situation 2 months back. Now I am back on track.

better to start with this:
1. Take picture of your full body, and see how much garbage fat you have by comparing with earlier version of yourself.
2. remove everything which you thing may distract you.
3. make a proper schedule of your workout.
4. if someday you have more work, then just go for a jog.
5. dont be obsessed with gym, thats a huge mistake. workout can be done anytime at any place.


Hey thanks!

I will try my best and follow 😇❤️🤝


Consistency is the key, i have been working out since past 2 years and now i don’t even have to think about it, my body acts naturally.

i got my wrist sprained 2 days ago, and will probably take a few more days to recover, that being said i still worked out my legs today, earlier my brain use to find excuses to not workout, but now it’s other way round.



I wanna be that type of person too. 😪


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