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How do you get out of the thought that you were somehow responsible for your abuse even though you were the victim? I have developed a self destructive pattern since a long time now. I feel like I deserve nothing and my self hate increases everyday. I dont know how to love myself anymore.

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Get support and I mean professional support. We can listen to you and lend you ears, but you definitely need more than that.


Worst part is I dont even ask for help thinking I dont need it and its all attention seeking. I vry silently every now and then and I cant take it anymore but it still seems like there are people with way more issues so how do I even matter


You definitely need help . That I can be sure of. Also don’t compare your struggles and issues to someone else’s. It doesn’t help anyone not you and not the other person . Your problems and issues , however small, matter, coz you matter, to yourself. Don’t deny that . Ask for help, there’s no shame in it. Don’t bother if people call you attention seeking, they don’t know you nor your issue .

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Hey I can understand, I somewhat do that to myself too. And I also don’t know how to get out of it. Just trying to quiet the voices in my head which tell me I deserve nothing good. Its worst when your own intelligence turns against yourself. But taking baby steps n keeping at it. Hope you also learn more about yourself and heal from the self destructive patterns. Hope we heal soon🤍

Kangana Mishra @anamish

I have been there ! And yeah it was painful as hell! But now I’m better


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