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How do you deal with the grief of losing someone you thought will come back home just fine

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By distracting urself

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Simran @st1199

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You don’t at least actively. I mean you need not go out of your way to mourn or forget the person. Grief hits you when you least expect it, sometimes when you are alone at 4 AM, other times when you are amongst a crowd of people on a sunny afternoon. But whenever you feel this sense of loss, let it flow, don’t restrict it, cry if it helps, or yearn for their presence. My personal weapon to combat grief is to talk to their picture as if they are still here beside me, sometimes I buy a new photo frame for them, other times I place a fragrant candle or flowers next to their picture, I tell them about how my day went and also, the fact that I miss them so much. It’s my coping mechanism, you can try if it helps.
Also, I am sorry for your loss.

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Dreamer @aheadofthecurve

You accept it.
I know it’s not the esiest thing to do and it is something that you’ll learn overtime.
With each week that passes you’ll fell your heart gets a little lighter and your sorrow diminishing.

One thing that helped me was writing down my thoughts in a journal , because at times like this you often get overwhelmed.

Remember this stopping your thoughts and emotions means stopping the very thing that makes you human , so insted of distracting yourself just learn how to deal with em. It can be a source of weakness or a source of strength depending on how you see it.

Stay strong :)


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