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How do you deal
With a partner who is in the process of breaking up with you. Using and saying horrible things to push me away and calls you unstable because you suffer from depression?

3 replies

It is going to be very hard for you and you probably will start doubting yourself. But let me tell me you that sometimes its not just a persons fault that they are falling out of love. Ask your partner what is going on. Ask them that is there a way that you can improve and engage in a healthy conversation about your future together and if they do not want to continue then its better to leave with your self respect. Remember, its not your fault that they fell out of love.


break up with them first. u deserve better.


Block her right away!!! Yess right away and run away from her life and if you are a true man try not to look back for atleast 3 months. I gaurantee you she will come to youa nad talk to you


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