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Cloud @kirroy

how do you cope with stress??

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jay @jay12


Listen to music


Meditate and say i am worth it

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Stress is resisting what you don’t want and Not-stress is getting what you want.
When you find yourself experiencing stress simply choose to love life as it is. Laugh at the silliness that we put ourselves upto. It’s about not taking yourself seriously. We laugh at our you get selves for being a certain way and reacting to stuff which appeared to be important but it was a silky illusion.
We are fighting our self-imposed viewpoints of the world and the story we make up about our experiential life.
Watch standup comedy and see how the comedians laugh at themselves and the problems which the world thinks they have. We secretly enjoy the suffering and make our life complicated than it has to be. Why? To distract ourselves from feeling what we have repressed. We have forgotten our true nature and seek to find it outside of us.
We have the power in ourself of witnessing life as it is. To choose if life is seen as joyful or as our foe - through our inner attitudes and positions we hold about everything. Stop your inner commentary as you witness anything that’s a good start.
Stop wanting to control life and your reactions to it. Forgive yourself for feeling however it is you are feeling and realise that everything is happening spontaneously. Only you are taking ownership for it.
You are that which is enjoying the experiencing of experience. You are completely unaffected by anything out there. You may think you are because you identify with that. Stop identifying with the thoughts, the body, the emotions, and the events out there. Then you stop giving them power over yourself. Your stress is your own creation. You can choose to disidentify from it whenever you want to.
Does this make sense?


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