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How do you all deal with change in bestfriend behaviour…matlb kuch kuch chizein pehle jaise nhi lgte. Specially ( ab baat vaise nhi hoti jaise pehle hote the… bestfriend is supposed to share to each other everything right?)k kya chlra hai life mei ye sab sacchi sacchi baatein toh bestfriend se hi krte haina?

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Shivay @shivay2595

We just accept that they are busy with their lives or they are going through some stuffs.
Just give both of you some time and everything will be alright


Yea…I guess. They might got some other friends to share those stuff


Ohmygod, feeling the same since last few months. Wanted to come here and share that and just read this.

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Ziizii @zia_24

Sometimes they like to be alone and keep things to themselfs… Try asking them what is up? why are they behaving like this! What if they is depressed? Don’t judge like that~ try finding the reason! He/She is your bestfreind ryt? You can do that for them!

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