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How do you all deal with change in bestfriend behaviourโ€ฆmatlb kuch kuch chizein pehle jaise nhi lgte. Specially ( ab baat vaise nhi hoti jaise pehle hote theโ€ฆ bestfriend is supposed to share to each other everything right?)k kya chlra hai life mei ye sab sacchi sacchi baatein toh bestfriend se hi krte haina?

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Ohmygod, feeling the same since last few months. Wanted to come here and share that and just read this.

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Ziizii @zia_24


Sometimes they like to be alone and keep things to themselfsโ€ฆ Try asking them what is up? why are they behaving like this! What if they is depressed? Donโ€™t judge like that~ try finding the reason! He/She is your bestfreind ryt? You can do that for them!


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