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Divert ur mind to something useful? Play games or maybe watch a movie or talk to ur family or friends. Or get a new pet?

What bothering you?


i really dont want to talk about wats bothering me but thanks so much❤️


Whenever I feel down, heavy and unable to breathe, I take some minutes of silence. Try to divert your negative thoughts to something fun or something that can calm you down. You may pray, listen to happy and energetic songs, watch movies/series/dramas.


Try doing something you love, maybe surround yourself with caring people or if you ever feel an urge to self harm go to where your parents are or arrange to meet someone, so hopefully being with them will distract you and stop you. Also just remember that this body of yours has gotten you through a pandemic! It digests your food, allows you to move, gives you energy and so so much more, so why hurt something that does so much for you!


People always try tell you other things you can do but I get you, without knowing it becomes addictive. There is something about the way it looks or feels that makes you not want to stop, am I right? If so, I understand. It took me a really long time to stop and the reason I did is because I play sports and I got embarrassed that other people could see. I tried everything from holding ice in my hands to drawing red pen on my arm. You just need to find something that works, even if it doesn’t start as some healthy like how I stopped because I was embarrassed I’m learning to love myself. It takes time and you need to be open to trying to get better

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