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How do I indirectly tell my parents to take me to a mental health professional as a child of a very orthodox, old fashioned Indian household

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Hmmmm…I guess do your research, talk to the therapist, ask her/ him to help you make your parents understand this. You know indian parents, they will keenly listen to anyone but you. Also anyone with the title “DR” 😁 Also, your parents may be conservative at the same time they understand mental health is important. Not in the way that would require a therapists help, but they know how much a mind can go through. Assure them that you are fine and just need guidance from someone who would not judge you on every detail. They may end up saying, talk to us about whatever issue you are facing etc why doctor who knows you better than us etc. For this tell them l, they can only hear you out, but they cannot identify your pain areas and help you with certain activities that would make u better in the long run. Only a doctor is trained to do this. Hope this helps and hope you get the support you need soon

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Ana @ana18

Hey, it is indeed difficult to convince Indian parents when it comes to anything related to mental health. As every family is different, there is not going to be one method to tell parents to take you to a mental health professional and it is going to be a different ride altogether. Till then as suggested earlier you can do your research.
Till then you can connect on phone with a mental health professional via NGOs or from the support groups provided here @now&me.
Hope this helps and till then take care!


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