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How do I get over somebody? I try so hard yet I go to bed with them on my mind, and my first thought in the morning is always them.

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Do you talk to her/him?

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Trisman. @trisman

in my opinion, it’s hard to get lost from someone even if u fought because that’s how body/brain works. so thinking of someone is noting wrong even if you don’t talk to someone. it just takes time so don’t rush into things, your normal everyone does it


I’ve had the same problem as you. No matter how hard it tried I couldn’t get over them.
But there is a way and it might not be something you want to hear but the answer is = Time . I took meffect 4 years to get over him and as time passed my feeling for him dimmed. I no longer hold strongly the emotions for him that I once did, but sometimes when I sit down and think about the reasons a loved him in the first place. I feel the emotions that I had for him begin to rise but I hold it back and tell myself “I’m not going back there”. And honestly i think that you can’t stop loving someone, you just have to find someone to love more than you did that person. And it may currently seem impossible but thrust me, as time passes it will not. And you will find yourself not thinking about that person as much.

Oh and another way to get over them is by thinking of the things that could possibly make you dislike them. For example: if they hate washing dishes and you had to wash them all the time. But you didn’t mind because you love the chore. Now think: he could have at least persisted or atheast dried it while I washed. Find the things and find reasons why you should stop loving them
But you should not however because of this hold any negative emotions towards them this us just away to get over them.

But ultimately, Time does heal on wounds no matter how deep it is.
Hang in there.✊


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