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How do I express to my boyfriend that the romance in our relationship is zero? I feel he takes me a little bit for granted. He is caring. He reaches out to me. But there’s no special gesture on his end. We met after a month last weekend. I was a little upset coz he came late and spoilt half of our plan. He had his reasons and that’s ok. But not understanding that he needs to make it up to me and not even holding my hand once or even looking into my eyes to say that he’s sorry. It saddens me that there is hardly any physical affection that he gives me. I am usually the one who holds his hands, brushes my hands through his hair but this time I didn’t coz I was upset. We met after a month and he still didn’t hold my hand once. It bothers me so much. I don’t feel like even giving him a flying kiss over video call.

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Aww, communicate with him. Guys usually are either too shy or too bold… if he’s too shy he might be scared to get physical, he must be thinking u won’t be comfortable or so just talk it out if he’s caring n so


We’re together since 2.5 years. I’m sure he’s not shy. I’m scared he might not want to change if I talk to him. Or my problems might be shown small and his bigger. Idk what I’m doing. Idk what he wants. This is terrible.


You can’t be just scared and not talk about it just to keep the relationship alive, may be there is logical reason from his perspective. Express your concerns calmly & see what he is up to.


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