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Astha @sikeee

how can I tell you, that whenever my mom and dad hurt me I always wanted to see your text, whenever I cried I wanted to see your " hii, how are you" just these sentences made me so happy that I even forgot I was crying, that I was tearing down a minute ago, that I have said my last oath, have taken a pledge that I won’t talk to anyone. yeah! maybe you are miles away from me, you still calm me unknowingly, just your “had your dinner?” makes me happy.

I know you don’t feel the same, but you have now become the most beautiful person in my head. Now! I want to stop all these, I want to stop crying just because my parents said something to me, I want to stand myself, I want to forget you, maybe not but I want to give a break from all these whispering feelings. thank you for all these days.

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Sansthita @sansthita

Take care. Sending love & hugs 🤗

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I can feel you

F @ohhshhiitt

You became too dependent on that guy it will surely take much time to heal and stand but once you are over it you will be the a new stronger person. All the Best, Be Strong Stay Strong

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Astha @sikeee

yeah i am trying. <3


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