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How can i enjoy life right now with my friends even tho this year i really need to be focused on school ? how can i balance both ? my school strglles alot but its what truly is
even tho i leave a day free its like that day i spend it with my family and i cant get another day free cuz i havee wayyyyy too many notes for subjects to do and papers
i know i talk about school alot but its truly my biggest concern right now

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Simran @st1199


Hi again!
I tend to talk to you often now, i guess :)

So, what i suggest is you should make a schedule not a strict one but atleast like after school I would give 1 hour for rest, 1 hour for netflix, 2 hours for studies, before sleeping would chat with my family. By this, you know you have to complete tasks and you’ll make a habit of it.
Else, what’s happening with you is and what happens in such time is we want to utilise our whole day in doing one thing and extending it the whole day which leads to burden for the next day and then we say how did this happen and why i don’t have time for other things.

People who are able to manage are those who follow a rule and do as per that. Maybe with a little flexibity but everything has to be done and feel accomplished. You’ll too, just give my advice a try!


yaaa i do that i have like 2 hours break after school plus its online so its not that big of a deal and um i start studying from like 3pm until 8pm because i have loads to do sometimes i would stay till 9 i would take like 10 to 15 mins breaks in between go sit with my family and chat with some of my friends then get ack to studying and would get snakcs too ! i usually go out with my friends on thursdays or fridays i go out like 1 in 2 weeks but they say that you ever go out and we miss you but i feel like im doing great now ive got everything under control thankgod
but thanks fro your help like actually :p your like online all the time and help people but ig im the most one sorry haha but thanks again

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Simran @st1199


Good to listen that.
Just work on yourself and everything will fall in place slowly.


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