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Anokhi @anokhi24

How are you feeling? Ummm may be I want to hear this from him :(

Its been 2yrs 2months since I have seen him
I know its stupid to say but I still miss him
I controlled myself alot trust me to be away from you and I did
The journey of staying with him for 24hrs everyday to not a single word from him I have changed alot. I can see that change in me. I am not like before and I have been kept myself busy with my job and so called life. I was fine till yesterday until…
ufff… I didnt want to see him so I moved, I didnt want any contact with him so I changed my number, I didnt want to hear his whereabouts I didnt wanted anything from him
But yesterday I got to know about his whereabouts from one of my mutual friend and ughhhhhhh I hate this feeling. All memories came flashing I am happy that he is happy and he achieved one of his aim which he used to share with me how determined he was to achieve his goal. I dont know did I atleast cross his mind for once in this 2yrs?

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Muskan @idkyaaar

Babeee , we are on the same pageee
I think years shouldn’t matter lol


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