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“How are you feeling today?”

Lonely as usual >.<

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I feel you!


Down as usual since i have an off today from work and mind not distracted… right now i wanna cry but not cry as the same time. I wanna talk to one person who is not kinda talkin to me … i am done…


Well there is nothing specific to tell… work helps me to keep me distracted with my proble ms but my hours r reduced so now i am stressed what i will do… plus parents think i am doing dons of hours for the sake of money or since everyone is doing job but tbh this was the case 3 months ago… now my aim is to do crazy hell of hours to keep myself busy enough so that i donot think abt stuff that make me cry… my parents dont know i am going through a emotional trauma phase… some might say i am overreacting but this is what it is…


Nah being anomymous helps to pour out the heart without being judged


Which platform are you indicating towards ?

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