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Sansthita @sansthita

How are my fellow empaths doing today? I have been seeing a lot of posts these days by single people who are upset about not falling in love. And it’s okay and perfectly valid to feel lonely at times. But just ask yourself for a moment, are you happy in your own company? Do you enjoy that glass of juice with yourself and does that solo stargazing at night make you feel happy? Remember one thing, my sweethearts, if you are miserable in your own company, your partner will be miserable with you. So before you long for a relationship, ensure that you are first longing to enjoy your own company. A relationship can not give you love if you refuse to love yourself, it can not give you company and affection if you don’t enjoy your own company and if you are not affectionate towards yourself. So do major work on yourself before you choose to work on a relationship with someone else. It will make your life easier. Take care peeps and I hope someday someone special comes in your lives, touches the beautiful depths of your precious hearts and stays with you for an eternity. Love and hugs!!

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