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Lady bee @ladybee

How am I feeling…sad…I have been dealing with alot emotional things…I am going through grief…and I am having a hard time wit my relationship…I also feeling a failure as a mother …im exhausted mentally…

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Hey what happened?!

Lady bee @ladybee

I was pregnant for 19 weeks I lost my child …the man that I am with…at the time he blamed me for and left me …he told me he was coming to the hospital and never showed up told me to fck off…I have been ignoring my grief cause I don’t know how to handle it nor I want to…when I do I just cry cry and cry… a few weeks back I return to him…but I see alot more…I am noticing tht he is very manipulative…he plays the innocent card…he is always yelling at me , blames me for everything even the small things tht I aint be apart of and I’m blamed…im talked to down…he makes me feel tht I aint enough…nothing matters what has done in the past …if I don’t do right at the moment…hes calling me a bitxh an ugly hoe saying I don’t treat him well…to tell u the truth I aint so innocent either…but im getting tired of being talked down to…I started to feel like he thinks he owns me …I feel like he’s stripping everything about me…I feel like he wants me to shutup n look pretty…I feel so lost I feel not myself N I believe he has broke me down and I don’t know how to get out …


Its really a very hard time you’re facing!!! Its just disgusting!! You should take stand for yourself and the most important thing you’ll have to be strong enough to face these!! I know most of the women here in india compromised herself just for society and all but you should take stand and take action and act accordingly!! I’m very easily saying that I know its so tough but take stand and be independent and start a fresh!! Be strong!! One day everything will be fine! Don’t break yourself!

Lady bee @ladybee



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