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As of recently, not all that well. You know when life almost seems too be doing better, shes not stepping on the back of your shoes anymore and you’re finally able to just relax and breathe, then out of nowhere she decides too stop quite hard on your head? Yeah thats me right now. My sister has been diagnosed with cancer, and its hard for me too think of anything positive when all thats happened a lot of my life is negative. I’m definitely pushing through and trying my absolute hardest too be strong, to be positive, but sometimes the exterior breaks just as the interior gives out.

Sorry I’m not asking for advice or anything, I just really really needed to rant.

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Priyanshu @priyanshu6341

Be strong man 💪😊

Natasha @zonnebloem

I lost my mom due to cancer… Well we just cant help with it, just be strong and never let your sis feel like she is going through this phase… Its really hard for them to deal the trauma. Always make her feel strong and loved.


Of course, and i’m truly sorry for your loss🖤



Sidhu @mikey12

Life is unpredictable, i couldn’t get away with the loss of my uncle due to cancer.It’s always true that we don’t know the value of them when they were alive.Spend most of the time with them until their last breath.


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