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Horrible, I have no idea if I’m depressed or not and I barely eat everyday. I have little to no motivation of doing things and I feel like it’s affecting my relationship. I am young and to some it may seem like a highschool relation ship isn’t a big deal but I really like this girl and don’t wanna lose her. It’s always my fault for relationships ending because I push people away and I’m afraid that’s what I’m doing. Ik under so much stress too and maybe that’s the source of my depression but I honestly don’t know

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well , i can i say this im not that good with advice but eating not everyday i would say is something normal around teens or people in highschool. stress can cause you to feel more down or depressed at times , also if you really want to know if you are depressed as yourself these questions " am i feeling more tired or down then usually", " is it harder to do things that were fun before now like are they boring", " no self motivation to do much stuff", " having suicidal thoughts , or thinking that it would be better without you in the world" ( these are just some questions to ask yourself). you know i would not assume that most of your relationships would end bc of you pushing people away because sometimes that happens because it happens , pushing someone away is basically kind of like a self defense mechanism bc sometimes you may feel like you will hurt them or you just appreciate them so much that you end up pushing yourself away bc you dont want to cause them trouble , or you just need self esteem or confidence in your relationships . being honest with yourself and honest with the one you like/ love can make you connect more easily ( i would say). i feel that you dont need to worry much about if you are pushing them away i feel as if you should worry about how and were you want this relationship to go in the future, show them as much love, show them how much you like them , show them how much you believe that this relationship will go in the future. i hope that this helped a little


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