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Horrible, I broke up with my girlfriend and my entire friend group hates me and has ostracized me. I’ve been trying to mend my relationships by apologizing and making attempts to talk, but I just receive backlash and isolation. They say it’ll take time but I’ve known them to hold grudges for months. If I’m outcasted for that long are they even my friends? They think shunning me is the right course of action but I really don’t think it’s healthy for my psyche. It’s to the point where talking has become a privilege that I must earn. I feel worthless, depressed, and honestly borderline suicidal.

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Dhadkan @angel14

Hey dear 👋. Look I don’t know why ur frnds behaving that way but there is just one thing u need to be clear about…r u sure u took the right step ?
N yeah is it like she was from the same friends circle …I believe that might be one reaaon.
I understand how lonely u might be feeling 😔🙏.
But stay strong ur problems are not permanent but the strength u ll gain 💪 will be permanent. ❤️❤️
N yeah u can consider me as ur frnd . 🐈
U r situation will change … definitely it will just keep moving 🤗🤗🌈🙏


I think that’s stupid, they have no right to pick sides and shun you like that, your just as much their friend as she is theirs. did you cheat on her or do anything bad… no? then they have no right to say anything. I suggest make some new friends who don’t make you feel like crap. friends are their to make u feel accepted and special so yeah I suggest you have a good talk with them tell them how you feel about the situation and if they still treat you like shit them go get some new friends, although not easy but the sooner you cut off toxic people the better. again I highly suggest you talk it out with them this could be a total misunderstanding.


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