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Hopeless In a marriage. Iv been married for 5 years. But we haven’t had sex. I love my husband and even he does. Everything is fine with him biologically. But he just doesn’t have sex with me. After 3 years of marriage, and still no sex, I slept with a friend and an ex. But Iv done that enough and don’t wanna do it anymore. I still care about my husband and marriageX. He loves me but I think like a buddy. No romance between us

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Mr_ @ali1008

i would suggest you both to sit and talk over the issue.
As u said rest all is going except ur s*x life understand the issue if needed reach out any marriage counselor or sexologist.
you will have to come to a point, a solution to this problem else it will bring u more frustration.
share you desire upfrontly to ur husband, ask him what he can do for you to solve this issue.
Some people dont talk about sx but i think it plays a very vital role in relationship.


Sex is like air, food n water to the body. You will soon die of starvation if u don’t sort it out.


Tell him the role, what his sex organs were given to him by the god.

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I am having a similar issue. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m so frustrated. I feel you.


Try to understand the exact cause of the problem. what is that which excites him if discussion doesn’t resolve the issue feel free to reach out a good sexologist.
Hopefully it will help dear.


That stuff is Childish asf ppl are supposed to treat others like they want to be treated why hold out on sex with your partner then get mad when the cheating starts I don’t get it omg fix it before its broken …

Anandi @anandi09

This is a difficult situation. The best way out is to talk it out, communicate between you too. If not, talk to a sexologist or seek couples therapy. Sex is an integral part of a relationship. You cheating on him also affects you two as a couple. Please seek professional help and resolve this and communicate freely.

. @somesortofpanda

i think communication is the only way out of this

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