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Honestly saying i am a fat and I accept that thing but except being fat ik i am beautiful but people around me just don’t accept me . Every day they make me feel so insecure nd i want to end my life .

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AK @aloksingh23


1. Feeling insecure in front of them who always want you to be insecure is not good.
2. ending your life is being coward. which means they won.

See, here the problem is not you body, its the way you are thinking. People (in so called society) always try to put others down. Just work on β€œhow to ignore them”. And if they are not accepting you for just body, then fine. they are just inside their dreamy bubble.

Or if this thing hurt you soo soo badly, then just workout. Either on body or on your thoughts, you have to change something.


Thank u so much

LostSoul @ratii12


I know this is very hard but why are you getting affected by what people around you are saying? If they were good enough they would never have a problem with you being fat. Don’t listen or get affected by people who drag you down. As long as you love yourself it does not matter what they think. Just blow the negativity out and try to be happy. Ending your life won’t make things go away. If they see you being happy it will hurt them more. If you end your life you will just prove them right. So be happy and make them burn with jealousy. They themselves are not happy with their own body so they are taking their insecurities out on you.

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