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honestly I wish I could be happy for real but I literally become suicidal at any slight inconvenience so that will clearly never happen

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Kashika @kashika

I’m not challenging your thoughts. Thoughts are well, thoughts. They’re constructed by our own selves. So we could actually control what we think. Since we know that, we can think of ways to change the way we think. You need to recognize that it’s your mind that is playing tricks on you, it’s your mind that’s making you think this and it might not be true. Think about it, you’ll get to a solution. We need to strive to be mentally strong and if you think the problem persists, please don’t hesitate before going to a psychiatrist or a psychologist for help. :)


you can be happy for real just believe in the idea of being happy.

Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

Yes you could be happy. Your thoughts are stopping you. Dont worry. Live your life. Be happy. Inconvenience will be there when you allow it to be there. :)

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