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Honestly , I just feel like a constant screw up. I feel like an emotional ball of burden that no one should bother with. I’m insecure, down on myself , feel like 2nd class in most cases. My past mistakes keep coming up in the present. I just end up feeling worse and worse until it boils over. I often think if even being here would beneficial to me ? Or if I’m just here so no one has to be sad that I’m gone. I’m sorry guys , I don’t mean to be a downer. Just had to get it off my chest

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Firstly, don’t be sorry for sharing how you feel ever! There’s nothing to be sorry about.
As for being insecure, I get it. I’m the same. I push myself so much and bring myself down. Self depreciation is not a good thing but changing that pattern is also difficult.
Try writing down things you like about yourself. Anything. It can be physical too. Talk to yourself. Use positive affirmations. You might not believe it, but saying it makes a difference.
You’re good the way you are! Sending love your way. ❤


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