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his is my first time doing this, anyways right to the point.

im sure my mother hates me she always calls me name, like-, bitch,whore,slut,cunt.
i could be sitting down on our couch and she would cuss me out for no reason.
im really tall and that adds weight to my body but not a lot,since im taller than most of my classmates my mom calls me fat, she accuses me of eating her food but coming from her? reallly?. i cry myself to sleep sucidal,i have thoughts of running away everyday. everything i do angers her, my sister is her favorite,they bond so well, my sister hates me aswell,i get body shamed by her,she punches me for no reason.i think my whole family hates me.i always have thoughts that i could just grow up and leave,i really need a therapist,ive always been so liked when i was younger, people grew to hate me at my school , ive lost 10 friends maybe.i really just wish i was far away from texas. i am so tired of everyone everything,I need my dad. always.

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Zealous @aidinghearts

I am so sorry to know. If there is any way I could make you feel positive, do let me kNow.


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