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#nolove @lifeissad

My parents have forced me into bds course though i am not interested into this field,i hv wasted 2 years of my life jst to get into this field cauz of my parents. My dad wasn’t ready to send me in any course except for medical .i am so frustrated.i don’t like it neither i am able to perform in it neither i have good relation with teachers nd class mate i am totally alone. Everyone has group i am left alone.dere was a girl in my class who blamed on me of robbing though i said i didn’t do but still everyone had trust on her but not on me. Even the teachers trusted her nd nw everyone looks at me like i am a thief. But overall this bds isn’t meant fr me frm years i hv been saying my parents tht i am not interested into it nd i don’t wana waste my life behind it. Practicals are going horrible i never get ny how to do. Always i get a feeling of regression which makes me mad. Nd i hv no other option to get out of this situtaion. It has been only months but i hv totally gone mad . Everything is happening only bad wid me . I wamt to enjoy my life,enjoy my choices. Every

Everyoneis leavinga world of there iwn.

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Only few days are left fr admission den i hv to wait fr next year untill tht i have to convince my parnets


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