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Ritu @anonymous123123

I’m writing this with a hope that someday people around me will read this and understand that I’ve got so many issues within me. I’m a mess and I need and want them to atleast not judge me. I want to scream at them loud enough so that i can tell them that they should stop pretending like they know me better. Coz, someone once said to me,“No one knows how the other person feels” .I think that’s true. I’m fed of people judging me for who and how I am…
But it hurts so badly when the people upon whom you’ve put your trust,hurts you the way you never want to get hurt.

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Hey! Thank you for writing this on the forum. What are some of the issues which you face that you feel like you cannot have people understand you?

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Ritu @anonymous123123

There are so many things I want people to understand about me. I hate lies,it breaks everything and i know this because I’ve been broken already. I’m not an introvert but I don’t feel comfortable around so many people.It suffocates me. That’s why I’ve a very small circle of those person’s whom I’ve trusted and Loved so deeply that now it hurts. It hurts when you don’t get loyalty in return for your unconditional love. I think at least,I deserve this much but i guess I was wrong about it.


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