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Hiii… can we talk ?
Friendship problem

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sure, what’s up?




My sister got marriage in intercaste & in my community we are not allowed to do it …
Imean it’s ok but my parents are ok with it but we didn’t tell to our any of relatives and neighbour that groom is in other caste.
So I tell my one friend ritu that my sis got marriage but I said it on reception day but I said that don’t tell anyone that was all in lockdown time last year.
After some day she replied how are you like that might be she wants to come in my home.but I didn’t reply and it’s been 6months.
She also invited me in her sister last I just told.
Actually I don’t want to tell my other frnd bcos some of them are my community and my parents and their know well. They are not like old mentality frns but we my parents don’t want to spread this thing anywhere.
Actually I used to share my family problem to my one friend kajal but she just tell to every frnd of my group which I don’t like.
I was hurt by their behaviour.
So I m over thing thinking she might me thinking that I just doing show off .


Don’t overthink buddy


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