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Hii peeps,
I feel like ending all my pain sometimes and I think suicidal is the term.
But i know for sure i cannot hurt myself.
What to do

2 replies

I think you might be carrying something very heavy or something has been weighing heavy on your mind for too long. Try talking about it here, about what you think might be the cause for this pain. Or maybe just say what’s on your mind…because sometimes we don’t know what’s causing us pain but talking about it can help in processing and giving clarity.

You can even try therapy or counselling if you would like, that can really help you understand what might be going on or causing these feelings.


every one minute of your life is like a page of a book that is not yours but given by a person, that person can be your parents/nature/cosmos/god now the thing is that you started writing those page some page you wrote bad things you scribbled you made those pages worse but the pages you have left, the pages you are about to write are fine and clear dont worry about scribbled pages write new structured beautiful stories in the upcoming pages. (one simple advice listen to song swith deep meaning)


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