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Hii. New here. Going through a messy breakup. I started dating him in 2020. Uptill 2022 we were in LDR. Things were fine we were able to make our way past the problems. He is now in the same city as me. We had a really nice time. Meanwhile, in the past last year, i have been really socially isolated as my friendships are not that fulfilling or available every day. So i leaned onto my bf for emotional comnection. 2 months ago i saw a dating app on his phone, i confronted him but it lead to no conclusion. A week later he broke up. It was all so painful. We were not in a toxoc relationship since the start. But as the events have unfolded themselves in last few months its truly toxic. I revert back to him as he was my only companion for a long long time. I want to move on focus on my studies on my well being but cant incur the courage.

Can anyone help me out from this mess ?

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So sad to hear… but remember we r always strong. The thing is we don’t recognise it. You’ll get through this… if u feel wanna talk to someone, please feel free to connect…


I had to breakup a 6 yr relationship. Because he cheated for 2 yrs all the while he showed love to me. My brain is trying to move past but my heart is still slow and in shock.
Let’s heal together. I don’t wanna heal alone and need somebody who can heal with me from a similar situation

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Hello. I am also going through grief after a break up. And it is extremely painful. 


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