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Hii it’s a very good platform to help people firstly I appreciate for u thr great work… as known I also came to share some of my weakness here…my problem is stress and lack of concentration I xomlcompl my engineering but I did not get a good job which o studied and I am currently working in KPO which I don’t like just to support my financial condition and also currently I am interested to love the girl where I am very scared to talk to her.its been 15 days where I am following her kindly advice on the situation…thank you

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It is very common nowadays to not get a good job based on degree. The job market is changing. One is expected to know a lot of practical knowledge and other skills apart from the degree. 
I think, how you should change your approach is…find your dream job, then figure out the skills you need to get that job and work on them. You can connect with the right kind of professionals on LinkedIn and seek their advice also. As for the girl, is she your colleague? Or are you following her on social media? Because if you two already know each other in person or otherwise, then there is a better chance that she’ll talk to you because she will feel comfortable talking to you. In any case, you should try talking to her when the timing is right because in life, you should shoot your shot. If it works out, it works out. If it doesn’t, then you’ll atleast know that you tried ?


Thanks for the advice…the girl whom I am in love is already have the boy friend and she is in love so fingers crossed again the same disappointment.still not able find the right things in my life.

Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, please don’t take stress for anything and try to enhance your concentration skills. It will really help you. And for that girl, i would say that you should tell her about your feelings. All the best.


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