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Hii! I’m learning how to drive and I have been driving very smoothly in the past few classes (touchwood). It’s a low-key proud feeling.

Remember a moment when u were proud of something u did

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Kushagra @kushgpt


I ride my bike without rear break from Nubra valley to pangong lake and back to Leh . That patch was the most difficult patch with uneven roads and have to crossed rivers
I felt proud after reaching back to leh


that’s great keep the same


I was in my school and used to go abacus and there was a tournament I participated in it… and when my parents got a message your daughter won a prize I couldn’t believe it was me so I thought it might be for my sister but when I went to class and ma’am told me it was me i felt soo good and o proud that I’m capable of achieving something!


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