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Hii :)
I was in a relationship with a boy for 4 months .It was good relationship.Then one day we got into fight then he blocked me for month .After that he unblocked me and texted me how I was doing and normal chat .First texted him that we should stay friends as I don’t want to loose him. Then he did not reply for 15 days.After that he said let’s just friends then I changed my mind cause I realised I can’t be friends with my ex and I told him again we broke up but it was mutual breakup .We both agreed that we want different thing in relationship and appologize to eachother and things ended .Then he texted me again after 10 days saying he wants to talk me over the phone ,I said cool because I think may be something urgent he wanted to tell but we talked normally he said he is missing me and wants to get back with me ,as he said he cares about me a lot and misses me and but he told we should talk to each other face to face when corona virus ended .I siad it might take one year for me to meet him then he replied he will wait.I don’t know what to do I can’t figure him out .Does he really love me or is he just attracted to me And one more thing as I want reliationship with future and his thought was different from mine that’s y we ended things. But as he told he will wait for me should I keep my hopes up plz suggest me what should I do ? He is very confusing and I don’t want to keep my hopes up .He just he will only talk to me face to face and till then we can’t be in relationship.

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I think when you meet him, you should agree with him on everything. Tell him that you want a future in your relationship, and that you will not enter into a relationship again unless you make sure that he loves you ، Do not claim any doubt in your heart, you should be sure.


Thank You ☺️


You sound like you’re under the age of 25? If this is the case, then I suggest you live your life. Gain some experience - even if its just you hanging out with friends.

Talk to people, listen to them, be there for those who are close to you. Relationships are tough - I’ve been married for 13 years and I can tell you, this is no easy feat! It took me at least five years to realise that my husband is another human being - with feelings of his own. If I said or did something to hurt him, we talk about it and I try to make sure not to do something or say something that may hurt him.

This is the same for friends or even people you go to school or work with - they are all people with their own feelings and their own way of seeing things.

It sounds like both of you need some time to shape yourselves and its not important to be with each other right now. Work on who you want to be first. Then if they’ve matured as well down the line and you both re connect then sure, try again. Until then, go have some fun.


Thank you 😊.That really helped me a lot to clear my mind .


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