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Hii i want to share my story i met guy online and we are together from 2 and half year when we met he tell me all the story of his first relationship her ex girlfriend got married and this happened before 7 year ago i was ok with that i loved him so much this was my first relationship i am 21 and he is 28 one after few months when we met he give me his password to complete some online test and the password was his ex girlfriends name at that time i got mad but i just tell him and we had fight after that we solved and one day we go for long drive and he was showing me his phone and i check his Text with his ex gf he said we are just good friend at that time we had fight i told him not to talk to her and after one year of relationship i saw msg of his ex and after that time he lost my trust now the thing is that one year is passed i can,t build trust and the love that i had for him the thing is that he loved me he cry for me he do everything but i think thats why i am with him and i think i am just comfortable with him Because i don,t have friends He is the only one and my family is in india we fight a lot also and i don,t know what to do how i can leave him i am not happy in this relationship because i can,t trust him he don,t want me to leave him because he said that i realized you are the first girls i experienced everything first time like good friendship love i realized the meaning of love because of you sometime i forgot about what happened but it is always in my mind. What should i do.

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Simran @st1199


Firstly, there are couples who after their breakup remain in touch and be friends. There is nothing wrong unless they don’t lie about the fact that the bond is only of friends and not anything more than that. Especially if they committed to someone else like you in this case.

Now, you can put your points that you don’t like it and don’t feel comfortable about him talking to his ex as a friend and he should understand it but you can’t control him as to whom he talks to. It’s his choice as to whom to talk to but needs to be open about it. There has to be a mutual understanding and not one-sided.

Also, if you can trust him and knows he will be loyal towards you then give him a chance and if you feel there is something fishy or he is still not over his ex then take a break, give yourself some space and then with a fresh perspective be back.
There is nothing as first time experience or two to three times, you should put your feelings forward and discuss in a mature way and then see if actually you both are good together or it’s better to part ways.


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