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tangled @clear_house_5

Hii guys, i hope you are doing good. lam writing this today coz iam in a very confused state. My boyfriend and I have been not in happy terms since a week and yesterday we thought we will meet once.
Day before yesterday my bp went so low and he was worried about me tbh I don’t know if he’s really guilty or if he can’t cope with the guilt.
All these days we weren’t talking nicely and had a break up because it started with me saying him that my aunt has asked my mom for a match making though iam just 20 yrs old. They just want to have a word. And he started with the fight saying I can’t do big jobs like your father that and this. I didn’t say anything coz in the starting of the relationship he was the one who said i have to get a good job so that we will be happy and so as your dad. But now he is talking like no matter what i be you have to make sure your parents accept me. I said atleast ok don’t do the big jobs like we planned before but atleast do something like a job of good respect so as you said we all can be happy he said i will do something but whatever it is make sure they accept. Tbh I didn’t like his attitude but the love i have towards made me adjust this. Ik what he said is right but he is the one actually made a decision before even getting in to a relationship that i will do good nice not for anyone but for us. Ok leave that, now a days he is not even being interested in anything.
Yesterday when we met he bet me coz all these days i cried a lot and my bp became low. He’s so angry saying what if something bad happened then how could he live without me.
Later he hugged me and got lil physical with eachotherπŸ’•.
And when we get home and talk to each other on calls or texts he will always be so rude or not interested. He hasn’t been sweet to me since so many days &
Even though i tell him this he doesn’t care but when we have a fight like we had in last week he says that atleast you will be happy without me, i have to change a lot, you are not happy with out me and so on. See atlast today i asked him what he wants for our anniversary and yk what he said β€œhey c’mon light… it’s peaceful when we bother these things less”. I mean why is he always talking about peace and no pressure. Is this even pressure?? Why is he so disinterested?

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break uppppp


He a red flag hun


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