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Hii guys i am very confused that why me and my elder cousin sister looks so similar and are behavior, personality, talking sence, likes and dislikes are almost similar
She is my uncle’s (tauji) 2nd child and I am my father’s 2nd daughter my father and tauji has a age difference of 2-3 years maybe
And in my dad’s side affairs are so common even my dad and uncle also had affair but my mom is innocent in these cases
Now I am confused are they my real parents or not😅

Please give me your suggestions


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Reading this, I am also confused now xD




Try finding the truth? Either directly or not, if it bothers you that much

Have your parents been unfair in their treatment of you? And does it bother you that much? If not then why pursue this?
You both having similarities should make you even more happy.
Like you have a sister from another mother!
Don’t overthink on it too much. It might lead you to be in a situation where you will be left with regret.
But then again its up to you.


Why do you even want to think about that? I mean they have raised you, you are an important part of their world, so even if they are not your real parent you should not care!


But at least I should know that who are my biological parents


Frankly speaking, it will create more and more confusion in your head, just drop such thoughts and get involved with daily life, it’s not worth having them in your mind…