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Kalyan @kalyan

Hii Everyone…
This is kalyan, from Visakhapatnam…
Im intrested to share my few things in my life, which make me sad, Stress and also strong…

From childhood, im far to my parents fr my study… They lived in my village, im here fr my study

As i miss my parents, i have closed to my friends little more…
Im addicted to my friends upto the extent that i have ignored my parents…

When im knowing the what world is!!!
I have seen their shades of using me…

I have dipressed alot and now im strong after many struggles…

Also this emotion plays with me…
Im not able to bear the pain that being ignored by her, i decided to die…

Im not having much knowledge about how to die, so i drink all-out liquid… Its funny, bt its serious… Didn’t happen anything, for some time, i thought abt my family and move on

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Now&Me @nowandme

Hi Kalyan,
You are so important to your family, and they surely love you very much. Please don’t feel disheartened by friends, as they will come and go. We are always here to listen to you but if you still feel you need someone to talk to, you can contact:

Fortis Stress Helpline: +918376804102

Sumaitri: 011-23389090. Mon-Fri 2pm to 10pm and Sat-Sun 10 & to 10pm

Sanjeevani: 011-24311918, 24318883. Timings: 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (Monday to Friday)

Roshni: +914066202000 Monday to Saturday between 11am to 9pm

COOJ Mental Health Foundation: 098322252525 - The helpline is operational between 3pm to 7pm on weekdays.

They will hear your story out without any judgement. We hope this helps you out. Please do not hesitate to talk to us. It is good to express your thoughts into words. Although we may not be able to feel or completely understand what you are going through, we are definitely here with you. Don’t worry.

Stay Strong,
Team Now&Me

Kriti @kriti

Kalyan, Kriti this side. I can understand how difficult it may have been for you to live away from your parents. It is not easy to live and manage everything on your own. emotionally it can be so tough. please don’t feel bad because of one girl, your life is so much more important than that one girl. please stay strong for yourself , for your family and the ones who love you. be careful before trusting your friends completely. keep these little things in mind. you are your own angel, you can save yourself and you don’t need anyone else. keep loving your parents. stay positive, stay strong. you are doing really well.


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